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1. Will Tuesday Morning continue to be listed on NASDAQ as a publicly traded company? Will the company’s stock continue to be traded now that the court proceedings have begun?

  • We expect to delist from NASDAQ at some point during the proceedings.
  • Our emergence as a public company following the process is to be determined. We will provide adequate disclosures regarding our public company status as necessitated by the court.

2. What will happen to the Company’s common stock that I own?

  • We are not in a position to speculate about what value, if any, Tuesday Morning common stock will have following the completion of the court-supervised process.
  • Please consult your broker for additional information about the stock and its status during the court-supervised process.

3. Will Tuesday Morning continue to report quarterly earnings results and host investor conference calls during this process?

  • We intend to continue to file quarterly and annual reports with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission during the court-supervised process.
  • We will not issue earnings press releases or hold quarterly conference calls during this process.

4. Can / should I sell my stock now?

  • We cannot advise on what you should or should not do with your shares as an investor.
  • Please consult your broker, who can provide you sound advice and the options available to you.

5. How can I obtain more information about the process?

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