Black Tourmaline Gemstone Ring

SKU: DRBS7132-6

Black tourmaline is a powerful gemstone known for its grounding and protective properties. It is believed to help block negative energy and promote a sense of calm and stability. This makes it a popular choice for those seeking to enhance their spiritual and emotional well-being.

In addition to its metaphysical properties, black tourmaline is also a beautiful gemstone with a dark, almost metallic appearance. When cut and polished, it can have a sleek, modern look that is perfect for contemporary jewelry designs.

A black tourmaline gemstone ring can make a unique and meaningful addition to any jewelry collection. It can be worn on its own as a statement piece or paired with other gemstones for a layered look. Whether you're drawn to its spiritual properties or simply appreciate its beauty, a black tourmaline ring is a versatile and stylish accessory that can be enjoyed for years to come.

Product Specifications:

  • Metal: Brass
  • Stone: Tourmaline
  • Treatment: Created
  • Plating: Rhodium
  • High polished finish
  • Lead- and nickel-free
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Size: 6 through 9

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