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In 1974, Tuesday Morning founder Lloyd Ross was working with big-name manufacturers when he had an idea. These big brands always had leftover inventory and nothing to do with it. So Lloyd bought their excess merchandise and decided to host the world’s greatest garage sale in a warehouse in Dallas on a Tuesday morning. Why then? Because he believed it was the first positive part of the week.

At the first Tuesday Morning sale, there were so many high-quality, discounted products that some people came in looking for one great deal and left with a dozen. But the real fun was how excited everyone was about the things they found.

Though we’ve grown far beyond our garage sale beginnings, a few things remain the same. Our expert buyers search the world for deals you’ll love to bring home. We make high-quality and name brands affordable. We look for unbeatable finds and once we've found them, we offer those upscale products at ridiculously low prices. And, like you, we still celebrate every incredible deal we discover.

We hope you’ll stop by one of our nearly 500 stores across the country to explore unbeatable deals.

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