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2 Piece Complete Dental Set

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  • 2 piece

Delicous Vanilla Flavor - Treat your furry friend to a delightful dental experience with our Vanilla Flavor Dental Kit for Dogs and Cats. Our natural vanilla-flavored toothpaste adds a touch of sweetness to your pet's oral care routine, making teeth brushing a tasty and enjoyable activity for both pets and owners.

Comprehensive 2-Piece Set - Our dental kit includes everything you need for effective pet dental care. With a generous 2.5 oz tube of vanilla-flavored toothpaste and a double-headed toothhugger brush, this set provides a complete solution for maintaining your pet's oral hygiene, ensuring fresh breath and healthy teeth and gums.

Double Headed Toothhugger - Say goodbye to cumbersome brushing sessions with our innovative double-headed toothhugger brush. Designed specifically for pets, this brush features two different brush heads to accommodate various tooth sizes and shapes, allowing for thorough cleaning and plaque removal with every stroke.

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