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Precious Tails Deshedder Tool

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  • Precious Tails Deshedder Tool

Professional Grade Deshedding Tool - Elevate your pet grooming routine with the Deshedding Tool for cats and dogs designed by groomers for professional-quality results. This high-quality grooming tool features a stainless steel blade specifically crafted to penetrate the undercoat, effectively removing loose hair, dander, and undercoat buildup while remaining gentle on your pet's skin to prevent irritation.

Reduce Deshedding and Prevent Matting - Say goodbye to excessive shedding and troublesome mats with our Deshedding Tool for Cats and Dogs. Regular use of this grooming tool helps reduce shedding by effectively removing loose hair and undercoat, preventing mats and tangles from forming. Keep your pet's coat healthy, soft, and shiny, while also minimizing pet odor for a fresher-smelling furry friend.

Stimulate Natural Oil Skin - Promote optimal skin and coat health with our Dematting Undercoat Rake. Regular brushing with this deshedding tool helps stimulate the production of natural skin oils, keeping your pet's skin moisturized and nourished. Enjoy the added benefit of a healthier, more vibrant coat for your beloved cat or dog.

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