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Rae Dunn "PAMPER." Hydrating Pet Shampoo

Regular price $16.99

Hydrating Formula: Rae Dunn's Hydrating Pet Shampoo is infused with Aloe Vera, Coconut, and Almond oils, perfect for searches like 'hydrating dog shampoo' and 'moisturizing pet cleanser', designed to deeply nourish and hydrate your dog's coat.

Fresh Cucumber Scent: Enhanced with a fresh cucumber scent, this shampoo appeals to those searching for 'cucumber scented dog shampoo' and 'fresh smelling pet shampoo', leaving your pet smelling clean and snuggle-ready.

Large 1000ml Bottle: Offers generous size, suitable for 'large bottle dog shampoo' and 'economical pet shampoo' searches, providing ample shampoo for multiple washes.

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