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Rae Dunn "FRESH." Deodorizing Pet Shampoo

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Deep Cleansing and Deodorizing: Rae Dunn's Deodorizing Pet Shampoo combines oatmeal, aloe vera, and almond oil, targeting 'deodorizing dog shampoo' and 'refreshing pet cleanser' searches, effectively refreshing and eliminating odors while moisturizing the skin.

Invigorating Coconut Mint Scent: Infused with a unique Coconut Mint scent, ideal for those searching 'coconut mint dog shampoo' and 'energizing pet fragrance', ensuring your pet smells fresh and inviting after every wash.

Large 800ml Bottle: Available in an 800ml size, providing excellent value and multiple uses per bottle, suitable for 'bulk dog shampoo' and 'long-lasting pet shampoo' related searches.

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