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Rae Dunn " CALM." Calming Pet Shampoo

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Calming Lavender Formula: Rae Dunn's Calming Pet Shampoo features lavender and aloe vera, ideal for searches like 'calming lavender dog shampoo' and 'soothing pet wash', designed to relax and soothe your pet during bath time.

Soothing Lavender Vanilla Scent: Enhanced with a light Lavender Vanilla scent to help ease bathtime anxieties, making it perfect for 'lavender vanilla pet shampoo' and 'anxiety-reducing dog cleanser' searches, leaving your pet refreshed and snuggle-ready.

Generous 800ml Size: Packaged in an 800ml bottle to ensure long-lasting use, suitable for 'large volume pet shampoo' and 'economical dog wash' searches, providing great value and multiple washes.

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