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Precious Tails Retractable Slicker Brush

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  • Double Sided
  • Precious Tails Retractable Slicker Brush

Retractable Design for Easy Cleaning - The Precious Tails Retractable Slicker Brush features an innovative retractable design that makes cleaning a breeze. After grooming, simply press the button on top to release collected hair effortlessly, ensuring a hassle-free grooming experience.

Effective Detangling and Hair Removal - This brush is designed to effectively remove loose hair, tangles, knots, dander, and trapped dirt from your pet's coat. It's ideal for maintaining a smooth and healthy coat, especially for long-coated dogs and cats.

Promotes Healthy Hair and Shiny Coat - Regular use of the Precious Tails Brush helps redistribute natural oils throughout your pet's fur, promoting a healthy and shiny coat. This brush enhances your pet’s skin and coat health, making it an essential grooming tool.

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